The information collected here represents the Active Pro Paintball players who play in the PSP. If you are an in-active player and want your achievements listed, we are collecting data to create a section, please contact us.
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Team LogoTeamNameWin CountSeries Titles
Team AftershockAftershockJon Woodley51
Team AftershockAftershockAaron Tholey?1
Team AftershockAftershockA.J. Lawhead00
Team AftershockAftershockBryan McKenna00
Team AftershockAftershockJacop Tiilikainen00
Team AftershockAftershockDavid Simmons00
Team AftershockAftershockRonnie Dizon51
Team AftershockAftershockChris Sosine10
Team AftershockAftershockCliff Ginter10
Team AftershockAftershockRob Velez00
Team Tampa Bay DamageDamageBryan Smith??
Team Tampa Bay DamageDamagePaul Everett10
Team Tampa Bay DamageDamageJacob Edwards72
Team Tampa Bay DamageDamageJason Edwards92
Team Tampa Bay DamageDamageTimmothy Propst82
Team Tampa Bay DamageDamageDaniel Holliday82
Team Tampa Bay DamageDamageKyle Barry0
Team Tampa Bay DamageDamageCarlos Cortes0
Team Tampa Bay DamageDamageMichael Waring0
Team San Diego DynastyDynastyYosh Rau??
Team San Diego DynastyDynastyKyle Spicka91
Team San Diego DynastyDynastyBlake Yarber41
Team San Diego DynastyDynastyTyler Harmon41
Team San Diego DynastyDynastyOliver Lang??
Team San Diego DynastyDynastyAlex Fraige??
Team San Diego DynastyDynastyBrandon Short93
Team San Diego DynastyDynastyDalton Vanderbyl93
Team San Diego DynastyDynastyMarcello Margott62
Team San Diego DynastyDynastyAlex Rodriguez10
Team San Diego DynastyDynastyRyan Greenspan??
Team Houston HeatHouston HeatTim Montressor90
Team Houston HeatHouston HeatChad Bouchez51
Team Houston HeatHouston HeatThomas Taylor122
Team Houston HeatHouston HeatChad George71
Team Houston HeatHouston HeatRyan Moorhead80
Team Houston HeatHouston HeatSamuel Monville71
Team Houston HeatHouston HeatSergey Solnyshkov142
Team Houston HeatHouston HeatMikhail Knyazev255
Team Houston HeatHouston HeatKonstantin Fedorov255
Team Houston HeatHouston HeatGreg Siewers51
Team Houston HeatHouston HeatAlexander Berdnikov185
Team Houston HeatHouston HeatRyan Smith51
Team Edmonton ImpactImpactDavid Bains??
Team Edmonton ImpactImpactTimothy Stanczak?0
Team Edmonton ImpactImpactJosh Ouimet6?
Team Edmonton ImpactImpactZane Yachimec60
Team Edmonton ImpactImpactZachary Yachimec6?
Team Edmonton ImpactImpactJustin Rabackoff??
Team Edmonton ImpactImpactNicholas Leival62
Team Edmonton ImpactImpactChad Busiere??
Team Edmonton ImpactImpactKeith Brown Jr??
Team Edmonton ImpactImpactJustin Cornell72
Team InfamousInfamousZack Wake30
Team InfamousInfamousBrad McCurley50
Team InfamousInfamousDemetrius Ninios10
Team InfamousInfamousRobert Aviles50
Team InfamousInfamousTrevor Resar10
Team InfamousInfamousKevin Rudulph60
Team InfamousInfamousDamian Ryan50
Team InfamousInfamousDrew Templeton50
Team InfamousInfamousZack Patient40
Team InfamousInfamousAlex Goldman83
Team InfamousInfamousCorey Bornstein31
Team Los Angeles IronmenIronmenShane Pestana??
Team Los Angeles IronmenIronmenChris Catt00
Team Los Angeles IronmenIronmenTokahe Hamil00
Team Los Angeles IronmenIronmenMichael Paxson??
Team Los Angeles IronmenIronmenAvelino Fernandez III00
Team Los Angeles IronmenIronmenBrandon Cornell00
Team Los Angeles IronmenIronmenDaniel Ibarra00
Team Los Angeles IronmenIronmenDaniel Nelan00
Team Los Angeles IronmenIronmenJason Vitalich00
Team Los Angeles IronmenIronmenJerry Caro00
Team Russian LegionRussian LegionKirill Prikhidni143
Team Russian LegionRussian LegionAxel Gaudin Sr61
Team Russian LegionRussian LegionKevin Coulm41
Team Russian LegionRussian LegionFabrice Colombo41
Team Russian LegionRussian LegionLoic Voulot41
Team Russian LegionRussian LegionDenis Golev??
Team Russian LegionRussian LegionAnton Kuchigashev00
Team Russian LegionRussian LegionRuslan Kulagin00
Team Russian LegionRussian LegionAnton Kuchigashev00
Team Russian LegionRussian LegionAlexandr Zabara00
upTon 187 cRewupTon 187 cRewWilliam Huntoon00
upTon 187 cRewupTon 187 cRewThomas Mantoni Jr00
upTon 187 cRewupTon 187 cRewNick Roberts00
upTon 187 cRewupTon 187 cRewMax Traylor00
upTon 187 cRewupTon 187 cRewMatthew Darula00
upTon 187 cRewUpton 187 CrewNicholas Slowiak51
upTon 187 cRewupTon 187 cRewGreg Lizotte00
upTon 187 cRewupTon 187 cRewEddie Painter00
upTon 187 cRewupTon 187 cRewDaniel Zaleski00
upTon 187 cRewupTon 187 cRewJoshua Pike00
upTon 187 cRewupTon 187 cRewJeremy Donovan00
Team San Antonio XfactorXfactorScott Kemp11
Team San Antonio XfactorXfactorDerick Jordan?0
Team San Antonio XfactorXfactorMykel Kovar?0
Team San Antonio XfactorXfactorDixon Yang?0
Team San Antonio XfactorXfactorCarl Markowski20
Team San Antonio XfactorXfactorAlex Martinez50
Team San Antonio XfactorXfactorGrayson Goff50
Team San Antonio XfactorXfactorArchie Montemayor61
Team San Antonio XfactorXfactorColt Roberts?0
Team San Antonio XfactorXfactorWilliam Bernacchia III?0