The Paintball Win Count reflects the total professional wins and series titles that each franchise team has earned dating back to 1993 at the formation of the NPPL to current. The Paintball Win Count is gathered from worldwide major professional paintball tournaments which include NPPL, PSP, Millennium, USPL and NXL.

These numbers are a collection of data and represent the facts, this is not an opinion. Only the franchise teams with at least one win are shown.

You may sort the list by clicking on the column header.           * = Franchise is not currently active

Team San Diego Dynasty49162017Active
Team Los Angeles Ironmen1572009Active
Team Aftershock1122011Active
Team Russian Legion1122019Active
Team Sacramento XSV1022012Active
Team Art Chaos922014Active
Team Joy Division922008Inactive
Team Infamous902014Active
Team Edmonton Impact822015Active
Team Tampa Bay Damage822013Active
Team Avalanche822004Inactive
Team San Antonio Xfactor502013Active
Team Houston Heat622015Active
Team TonTons422015Active
Team Image Paintball402001Inactive
Ground Zero*402002Inactive
Bob Longs Ironmen312001Inactive
Dynasty Arsenal Colab*202009Collaboration*
Dynasty Impact Colab*212010Collaboration*
Team Miami Rage202006Inactive
Team London Nexus202008Active
Team Lockout202000Inactive
Team Portland Naughty Dogs202006Inactive
Team SK Moscow212009Unknown
Team Baltimore Trauma112005Inactive
Team Blast112007Inactive
Team Aftermath102007Inactive
Team Chicago Legend102012Inactive
Bad Company101995Inactive
Team Budapest Bullets102010Inactive
Camp Tigers Logo small101999Inactive
Team Conselium Day102005Inactive
Team Camp Pendleton Raiders102013Active
Frankfort Syndicate102009Active
Phoenix Moscow102008Inactive
Shockwave UK102001Active
Shooters & Looters102014Unknown



Getting to the professional divisions requires a mix of talent, dedication and sacrifice.  The professional paintball division is the most elite level of paintball – period. There is nothing above it, no more levels to climb. It is the best of the best in paintball competition. It is a brutal division where high level skills, physical physique and mental toughness are mandatory. This is where the alphas compete.

Winning in the professional division is not easy, that is a fact. Every player in professional division wants to win, but that is the same as every guy wanting a six pack stomach. Wanting is not enough, the work must be done, the winning will not just happen, not in this division. Only one team leaves the tournament a winner and the rest are haunted by missed opportunities and mistakes, still left wanting.

Despite the difficulty, pain and suffering involved in losing. One win can change it all, it will make all the bad memories go away. At least until the next event when another team comes along to get crowned the victor. Without the sour, the sweet will never taste the same.

The Paintball Win Count is a testament to all of the franchises who were able to put it together if only for a single event. On some Sunday at some point in time, the teams on the Paintball Win Count at that moment, were the best in the world. This is professional paintballs history of winning.