Pro Patches Silver and Gold

Paintball PRO Patches – The Qualifications

Gold Patch = Five years professional, One Pro event win, One Series Title Championship
Silver Patch = Three years professional, One Pro event win


Paintball PRO Patches – explained

The Pro patches were created by Rusty Glaze and Matt Marshall to help identify the professional paintball players who had earned a badge of honor. Pro Patches are about respect. It does not mean a player is not good at paintball if they are not qualified. The pro patches are a symbol that a player has been to the mountain top and for at least one day was the best in the world. It is a way of honoring the professional players who have won a pro paintball tournament, because that is what it is all about. It is not about free gear, signing posters and pretending to be awesome. It is about winning. Everyone that has played professional paintball knows this. Wins are hard to earn and every one of them means something. The pro patches are a reflection of that.

The pro patches also have a requirement of years that represents the players who have committed their time to the professional paintball lifestyle. There are a variety of players who came to the Pro level, maybe even got a win, but quickly vanished into thin air. The pro patches do not honor those players. It is about the professional paintball players who were in it for the long haul. Players who have chosen this as what they are going to commit their very being too. That is the players that the pro patches honor.

Pro Patches are only exclusively available to the players who qualify.

If you would like to get one of these pro patches, just meet the qualifications and you can purchase one.