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Art Chaos WINS World Cup – PSP 2014

Art Chaos WINS World Cup - PSP 2014
Art Chaos WINS World Cup – PSP 2014


Art Chaos WINS World Cup – PSP 2014 :

THE FINAL SCORE – Art Chaos 7 vs. Damage 0

– A very controlled Chaos –

The game sways back and forth for the entire length of the match. In true fashion for the end of the season at the great World Cup PSP Event there is a tie game with 15 seconds left. Of course it rolls into Overtime! Not just a normal Overtime, that wouldn’t be climactic enough, it goes beyond that. The time is played and still no deciding winner, which brings us to One-on-Ones. Even in this incredible after-regulation time play, it still goes back and forth in scoring. Finally a winner is decided, and this would be a fantastic finish for the largest American tournament of the year…. Except for this being just the Challengers Division, and with a notable win to Infamous that had an exciting finish over Dynasty.

Now you’re expecting a similar nail-biter in the Champions Division…right?!…

Unfortunately that was not the case, or fortunately if you’re a member of Art Chaos. With the textbook mentality of a heart surgeon they proceeded to rip apart Tampa Bay Damage, leaving the PSP fans, and the clock, almost with a feeling of wanting. The play-by-play on this match would be a verbatim repeat of Art Chaos getting key shots off break, Damage losing more bodies quickly, and Moscow’s finest closing out the field with the likes of one of their Main Line players. In their typical form Art Chaos ran a majority of points with their main first line (Konstantin Fedorov, Mikhail Knyazev, Alexander Berdnikov, Pavel Lukashuk, and Sergey Solnyshkov) with a notable appearance in the snake from Axel Gaudin as well. As if they were playing an old school arcade game of NBA Jam they had no trouble “heating up” and then hearing the background announcer give the “He’s on fire!” call. With tactical assertion they were able to build solid attacks on both the Snake and Dorito sides of the field, along with some key closings up the center.

A great PSP Season concluded with a spectacular showing of talent, leading into what seems like a hard offseason practice for some, and an even harder offseason for those that want to stay on top.


Congratulations to the Art Chaos PSP World Cup Winners:

Alexander Berdnikov
Konstantin Fedorov
Axel Gaudin Sr.
Pavel Karsliev
Mikhail Knyazev
Roman Lazarev
Pavel Lukashuk
Sergey Solnyshkov
Evgeny Zakharov

-Preston Rodriguez

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Art Chaos WINS World Cup - PSP 2014
Thumbs Up from Fedorov!