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Dynasty WINS MAO PSP 2014

Dynasty WINS MAO PSP 2014
Dynasty WINS MAO PSP 2014 and takes home $10,000. Photo Sean Frisoli

Dynasty WINS MAO PSP 2014 :

THE FINAL SCORE – Dynasty 3 vs. Impact 2

In a battle of the wits, Dynasty WINS MAO PSP 2014 – It was the team who made less mistakes that took home the gold. Dynasty and Impact went back and forth throughout the match exchanging points early on. At one point in the match, Dynasty went up 3-1 after Oliver Lang was able to hold off a 3 vs 1 assault, the defense allowed Kyle Spicka to exit the penalty box to hang the flag. Dynasty finished the match as the event champions with Impact pushing in trying to tie the match up. The finish was a score match of 3-2, the exact same as last year’s MAO with Dynasty vs. Damage. In the same situation, Damage was trying to get down the field to tie the game up, with time expiring.

San Diego Dynasty grabbed the win on a field layout most professional teams struggled with. Dynasty went undefeated throughout the entire MAO event, once again showing why they are the most dominant team in history. Dynasty seemed at home on the layout from the very first game to the last game. Most teams thought the advantage was on the outside, Dynasty choose to stick to the inside game and really became comfortable with staying inside. This style goes against the very nature of angles and advantage points most layouts offer. It takes a extreme amount of discipline and teamwork to execute the strategy Dynasty employed at MAO.

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2014 PSP MAO Paintball Field Layout





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Dynasty WINS MAO PSP 2014
Tyler Harmon and Kyle Spicka moments after Dynasty took 1st place. Photo Sean Frisoli
Dynasty WINS MAO PSP 2014
Tyler Harmon excited about the WIN. Photo Sean Frisoli
Dynasty WINS MAO PSP 2014
Oliver Lang admiring the trophy after a long weekend. Photo Sean Frisoli